Criminal Minds Season 13 just premiered a few days ago but instead of rejoicing, Thomas Gibson fans started yet another massive social media fest highlighting #NoHotchNoWatch. The actor was fired by the producers in August 2016 after a dispute with one of the episode writers. He then explained that their altercation stemmed from their “creative differences” in the episode that he was also directing. His avid fans rallied behind him and filed a petition to get him back on the show. Unfortunately, the request still falls on deaf ears and fans are still heartbroken about it, especially those who have watched the show since it originally aired in September 2005.

Fans still want Hotch

Popular TV shows like “Criminal Minds” consider fans to be their crucial foundation of the series’ success and the same goes for its major characters. Gibson was one the show’s keystones and his termination definitely made a massive impact especially on the show’s ratings. Looking at the show’s ratings result released by TV Series Finale, it’s clear that the series has been slowly catapulted into trouble. It is mainly because there are fans that chose to quit watching the show. Season 13 premiered with only seven million viewers, which is almost two million less than the viewers in the 12th season.

#NoHotchNoWatch continues

The infamous #NoHotchNoWatch continues to emerge on Twitter especially when “Criminal Minds” Season 13 premiered.

Gibson fans claim to be the reason for the show’s declining ratings. From that point of view, it seems that they do have a huge impact on the series’ continued success on the small screens. Additionally, other fans have grown tired of the show’s cast shake-ups. Apparently, it happened again this season when Agent Walker (Damon Gupton) died in the car crash which was orchestrated by the serial killer Peter Lewis, a.k.a Mr.


Hotch’s fate

When CBS terminated Gibson’s contract in “Criminal Minds,” the showrunners had to think of something big to write him off.

Mr. Scratch was his- arch-enemy, who started stalking his son again. This was the reason that they both entered WITSEC, leaving his BAU Chief post behind. Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) was offered the vacated post, which she obviously accepted. In Season 13, Mr. Scratch was finally killed off and Prentiss was the one who told her pals that Hotch and his son Jack have left the Witness Protection Program.

It was definitely good news but Prentiss said that Hotch is not rejoining the team. He will instead, enjoy his life as a full-time dad to Jack. Obviously, Gibson fans are heartbroken once again. For them, “Criminal Minds” will never be the same without him. They claim that the show’s ratings will continue to decline unless Gibson returns.