singer Barry Manilow is in failing health and is reported to be wasting away due to decades of smoking according to RO reports. Manilow is said to be facing some dire health implications that have been brought on by his lifelong addiction to cigarettes.

Barry Manilow's friends worry singer's life could be in jeopardy

The celebrity news site reveals that sources close to Manilow have revealed that singer's career and even his life could be in jeopardy. “He’s battling multiple major issues that could drastically shorten his life — even end it — and it’s all tied to his ongoing, incessant smoking," claims the Manilow informant.

Fans shocked by Manilow's frail appearance

Barry's health issues began to surface again in May when the"Copacabana" hit maker was forced to cancel several scheduled performances due to "sprained" vocal cords. Fans became alarmingly concerned for the 74-year-old entertainer during his recent Long Island, New York performance at the Nassau Coliseum. Concert goers were left shocked by Barry's extremely frail appearance and revealed he had great difficulty performing his songs.

This is not the first time Barry has faced serious health issues that may have been brought on by his smoking. In 2015, the singer suffered a heart attack scare and was airlifted to a Los Angeles hospital after suffering severe chest pains.

He later revealed he had been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation.

Manilow's pals claim Barry has been warned then by his medical team that he needed to give up smoking asap. However, Barry did not heed the doctor's warnings and could now be facing many serious consequences.

Barry Manilow's successful career as a singer, songwriter, and producer has spanned more than five decades.

He is best known for hit songs including "Mandy," Can't Smile Without You" and include commercials for Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, and the McDonald's "You Deserve a Break Today" campaign.

Manilow made news headlines back in April when he officially came out as gay revealing that he had secretly married his partner and manager of 40-years, Garry Kief.

He also admitted that things have not always been smooth sailing between the two. Barry revealed that the two had split up some times throughout their long relationship because Garry had a hard time adapting to Barry's enthusiastic fan base.

The singer also admitted to keeping his relationship and sexual orientation a secret all these years for two reasons; first, he is a very private person and second because he feared he would disappoint his fans.However, Barry's fears were unwarranted, his dedicated fans have stayed true wishing him nothing but love and happiness.

We also wish Barry Manilow well with his health issues and hope to see him back on stage very soon.