General Hospital” spoilers are circulating every single day on social media. Some are valid while others are just assumptions that turn out to be completely wrong. There have been several changes to the cast in recent months, starting with the exit of Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig). “General Hospital” fans have gotten incredibly vocal about what is happening on the show, and now, it looks like two more faces will be off the Port Charles canvas indefinitely.

Romance cut short

The relationship between Parker (Ashley Jones) and Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) has been off and on “General Hospital” for quite some time now.

When it was initially introduced, viewers didn't react too well to the storyline. It was the first time Lexi was back as Kristina after being gone for several years, and the fans wanted something better for her. The writers revisited it recently and now, the two can finally have a relationship. Parker and Kristina decided to openly date after Kristina dropped out of school. It was something they were excited about, and then, it was taken away. Someone had reported their relationship to the school, and Parker was fired.

With November sweeps upon us, there have been some questions about where this storyline was headed. According to Soap Opera News, Ashley Jones and Lexi Ainsworth are both exiting “General Hospital.” This is sad news for fans who had high hopes the writers would use Ainsworth to her full potential and keep her around long-term.

When she left the show, there was rage from the viewers. She is, and will always be, the only Kristina Corinthos Davis. The women were both taken off contract, and will reportedly exit the scene when they head to Oregon where Parker's parents live.

Possible future returns

At this point, anything is possible regarding Ashley Jones and Lexi Ainsworth returning to “General Hospital” for future appearances.

The writers aren't killing them off, just sending them out of town. It is particularly curious though, as Steve Burton's return is upon us and Kristina and Sam (Kelly Monaco) are close. When the big Jason storyline comes to fruition, it would make sense to have her present. For now, fans will have to wait and see what will happen and hope for the best.

"General Hospital" has been doing a lot of cast adjustments. November sweeps are a huge deal in the soap world and now, the are more important than ever. Parker and Kristina leaving is just the beginning.