General Hospital” fans are looking forward to the upcoming week. Steve Burton's character is on the verge of freedom from the mysterious clinic, but will he make it out? The “General Hospital” writers explained that this storyline is going to run for nine months or so, which means that this will not be wrapped up anytime soon. Fortunately, some fans are interested enough to stick around and see where things are headed.

Sam is focused on getting her life back

Sam (Kelly Monaco) has been focused on getting Jason (Billy Miller) better. Now that he is awake, she is ready to bring him home and begin their life together once more.

Unfortunately, there are still some obstacles. Aside from the life-threatening shooting that happened with Jason, Sam is still recovering from the virus she had. In fact, at the hospital on Friday's episode, she was trying to play matchmaker with her mom. Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) suggested that she tell Julian (William deVry) what happened with Jason, and Sam was not having it.

In an effort to make her move on from Julian, Sam tried to set Alexis up with Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva). According to She Knows Soaps, Alexis is going to have some words for Sam during the upcoming week. “General Hospital” fans know she isn't even close to being done with Julian. This could get complicated between the mother and daughter duo, especially with William deVry signing a contract and returning to the role in the near future.

Franco/Jason connection

Now that Franco (Roger Howarth) has been informed that Jason was able to hear everything while he was unconscious, he is worried about what he said to him. Friday's episode showed Jason calling Franco, and Monday's episode will show the two talking about what was said. Franco could lose everything now that he lied to Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) about the photo and the boys.

The truth could tear Port Charles apart, but will Franco keep quiet to save his relationship? This is going to be a huge part of the identity reveal of Steve Burton's character. Billy Miller is rumored to be the mysterious Andrew while Burton is going to be the original Stone Cold Jason Morgan.

The next few weeks will lead up to November sweeps.

It will not be the conclusion of the Quartermaine twins mystery, but it may give “General Hospital” fans a better idea of where they are headed. Rumors indicate that there is plenty more backstory to come, with some surprising twists as well.