General Hospital” is throwing curveballs left and right regarding the Jason situation. Steve Burton's return to the show after five years is a big deal. When he left, fans were upset because he was one of the most beloved characters in Port Charles. Finding out he went to do “The Young and the Restless” was something that angered the die-hard “General Hospital” fans, and when he announced his exit from Genoa City, there was hope he'd return to Port Charles.

Will the real Jason please stand up

The “General Hospital” writers have planned this twin storyline that we are in the middle of right now for several months.

Andrew and Jason are reportedly the twins no one knows about. The biggest question is, who is the real Jason Morgan? According to Hollywood Life, Steve Burton is the real Jason Morgan. The hints dropped during yesterday's episode make it seem that way. When patient six asked Griffin (Matt Cohen) for his phone, he commented about it being “new.” Technology has changed drastically since 2012, and that would be something Jason would notice. He remembers Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Sonny's (Maurice Benard) phone numbers, even after five years. If he was the long-lost twin, how would he remember this stuff?

Fans are throwing out theories about the twins and where they will go with this. It has been said that the Jason storyline will unravel over the course of a nine-month time span.

“General Hospital” likes to make viewers wait. This has caused a lot of upset, especially because now that patient six has escaped. Is he going to be held captive again? Will the guys from the clinic grab him? At this point, anything can happen.

Who will Sam choose?

There are plenty of questions surrounding who Sam will choose once Jason and Andrew are revealed.

“General Hospital” fans have weighed in as well. There is a large group who held out hope that Steve Burton would return and the original “JaSam” (Jason and Sam) would reunite. Now, there are others who like her better with Billy Miller. Speculation is that Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) will end up with the one who is shunned by Sam.

This means trouble for Franco (Roger Howarth), and it is something he put in motion by keeping the truth from his lady love.

As November sweeps approach, “General Hospital” fans are anxious to see where this story is headed. Seeing Steve Burton back on the small screen is surreal, especially when someone else is with Kelly Monaco.