Spoilers from The Christian Post suggest that a lot of people will be running amok in Port Charles this week. There will be mystery and intrigue on "General Hospital" as answers are being sought regarding Patient 6. Dr. Klein has arrived in town and is searching high and low for the man who escaped from the Russian clinic. Franco needs the truth regarding Drew, while Jason and the man who previously wore the mask need answers regarding their past lives. Eventually, these men will collide with one another and this will be the beginning of finding out who is who.

Jason and Patient 6 must meet

On Friday Sonny and Jason were waiting to meet whoever gave the note to Ava. It was Patient 6 but he was accosted by Dr. Klein's men. He got away but Sonny and Jason were gone. They were literally only a few feet away from each other but were hidden from sight by the bushes. All these men with guns going too and fro will make Port Charles a dangerous place to be this week. It's inevitable that Jason and Patient 6 will meet, but for now, it seems they will continue to keep missing each other.

Dr. Klein obviously has a boss that he must answer to and it is obviously imperative that he reclaims the man who was placed in his care. He does not know the town very well so it will be difficult as he and his men search for Patient 6.

Spoilers say Jason is going to be out and about seeking answers and will run into Sonny. As the mob boss and Billy Miler's character were together on Friday, this might be an error, and they may have meant to say that Patient 6 is the one looking for clues to his past.

Franco needs answers related to his past

Spoilers indicate that Franco will be on a quest to figure out what happened to Jason's twin Drew, and he will enlist Andre's help in bringing closure to his childhood.

Billy Miller's Jason and Sam realize that Betsy Frank's son is hiding something from them but they cannot get him to come clean. Somewhere in Port Charles, each of these men will find the answers they seek but will likely not obtain the whole truth until the 9-month arc is just about over.

Viewers now need to figure out who Dr.

Klein is working for, along with determining whether Patient 6 or Jason is the real Stone Cold. In addition, the dots will need to connect regarding the part Franco plays in this mystery. The suspense is building, the plots have more intrigue, and new characters have been added. Stay tuned for more pieces to the puzzle on "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 1:30 p.m.