Celebdirtylaundry.com is promising that danger is in the cards for Ava Jerome. It seems her disobedience and inability to follow orders is going to get her in big trouble. Dr. Klein will be furious that Patient 6 has escaped the Russian clinic and Ava is going to take the blame. He knows she continued to visit the man in the mask after being told to stay away. Ms. Jerome was in the room when he threw two orderlies around as if they were rag dolls. It's not a stretch to consider that she may have aided in his being able to get out of the building.

The only salvation may be if Griffin is able to get from Port Charles to Russia in time.

Ava can't say no to danger

Ava was intrigued with Patient 6 from the first moment she spotted him. All the personnel at the Russian clinic continually told her to stay away from the most dangerous patient on the premises. Ava ignored everyone and would sneak into the area where the masked man was seated. Although everyone else was wary of him Ms.Jerome never seemed afraid. She gained his trust and promised to make up for giving the Port Charles phone number to Dr. Klein. The masked man used a paper clip that was on his records to pick the lock and escape from the handcuffs.

Ava Jerome simply cannot say no when danger is lurking.

Something about Patient 6 has garnered her attention and it will cost her dearly. Doctor Klein has promised that she could lose her right to reconstructive surgery if she did not abide by the clinic rules. If Patient 6 is not returned, then Ava may pay the price for his escape. Not only may she not obtain plastic surgery but she may be kept as a prisoner inside the facility.

Griffin Monroe may be Ava's savior.

Back in Port Charles, everyone is wondering how to reach Ms. Jerome. Griffin tried getting answers from Valentin, but he was not forthcoming. When Sonny received a call on his private line that came from Russia, Dr. Monroe insisted it had to be from Ava and she may be in trouble. On Friday, Franco encouraged Griffin to go to Saint Petersburg and find Ava, but will he make it in time?

Dr. Klein could do something to make Ava's face more damaged, in order to exact his revenge. It's obvious he is answering to someone higher up regarding Patient 6, so he will not want his own head to be the one that ends up on the chopping block. Spoilers have indicated that patient 6 will eventually end up in Port Charles. Stay tuned to "General Hospital' to find out if Griffin can save Ava in time, and if they all return to the United States together.