Celeb Dirty Laundry spoilers tease that a lot of drama is coming this week on "General Hospital." Several Port Charles residents will suffer because of Damian Spinelli's interference. There will be shocking consequences and a surprise for Maxie and Nathan. Amy will be dealing with having her cover blown and problems will arise when the truth regarding Man Landers is exposed. A domino effect will spell trouble for all who are involved, and their lives will never be the same. On the bright side, the writers may be bringing a new couple together for fun and romance.

Maxie and Nathan's marriage will be tested

Spinelli mistook the bond between Amy and Nathan to mean they were having an affair, and this caused Maxie's spouse to blurt out that he was "Man Landers." Now that he is out Detective West must do a lot of public engagements. Adding to the drama is the fact that Amy is the one who is actually writing the advice column. Damian already is suspicious because of the answer he received when he asked what Nathan thought about his beard.

Spoilers suggest there could be an issue of fraud when people find out Nathan is just a face, and all the advice comes from Amy. This may affect book sales and her ability to help her wounded warrior brother. In addition to all of this drama, Maxie may find that she is unexpectedly expecting.

Celebedirtylaundry.com says an unplanned pregnancy will cause friction with the West's because this was not on their agenda.

Romance perhaps between Spinelli and Amy?

This was not mentioned by the spoiler alerts but the "General Hospital" writers may be about to spring a new romance on the viewers.It is possible that Amy and Spinelli may grow close during the "Man Landers" situation.

Damian may feel guilty for blowing Nathan's cover, and when he finds out the whole truth he and Amy could bond. It is assumed that Elly, is still in Portland, so if Maxie's baby daddy remains in Port Charles, anything is possible.

Once all the facts are on the table, and Man Landers has been dealt with there will have to be a storyline for Amy if she remains on the show.

Putting her with Damian might actually work. Both of them are pretty quirky so they would play well off of each other. This would get the nurse out of the way so that Maxie and Nathan can focus on each other and deal with the news of a new baby. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. on ABC for more episode so "General Hospital."