Spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry just suggested a shocking plot twist for "General Hospital." The man who was behind the mask in the Russian clinic may turn out to be the biological father of Oscar. If true, this would seem to indicate that Steve Burton's character is Drew and not Jason Morgan.That is unless the writers decide to somehow change history. Each new reveal obviously has been designed to keep the viewers in limbo. Frank Valentini is going to be true to his word, and it will take nine months for this saga to play out.

To have Carly's daughter dating Jason's son or nephew would be a shock indeed

Oscar and Joslyn's relationship may be in jeopardy

Joslyn Jax and her friend Oscar have been slowly building a friendship that is turning into a teen romance. There has been a lot of secrecy however regarding the young man's home life. He lives with his mother and his father is no longer in the picture. Oscar has not been forthcoming with details. Some time back spoilers implied that the writers were leaning towards Dante being the teen's dad, but now the script has been flipped.

Whether Patient 6 turns out to be Jason or Drew, there will need to be a lot of explaining in order for viewers to accept him as this teenager's father.

The relationship between Joss and Oscar might be put in jeopardy should Steve Burton's character turn out to be his father. Having his dad suddenly come back to town may cause Oscar to become sullen or distant towards his girlfriend. Depending on how this plays out Carly might be on the warpath and no longer support her daughter dating this young man.

The identity of Patient 6 makes all the difference

On Friday Patient 6 was able to escape from inside the Russian clinic with the help of Ava Jerome. Celebdirtylaundry.com indicates that he will somehow make his way to Port Charles. The fact that he had Sonny's personal phone number seemed to imply that he is Jason. Now that spoilers tease he may be Oscar's father it seems more likely that he would be Drew.

The time frame in which Jason was missing would not be long enough for him to have a teenager unless history is rewritten. Whoever turns out to be Oscar's dad, will not be as important as the identity of the man who made it out of the Russian clinic where he had been receiving treatment. The bottom line for loyal fans is knowing for certain who Steve Burton really is this time around. Everything else on "General Hospital" will fall into place along the way.