There are huge things to expect when the final season of "Game of Thrones" finally premieres on HBO. The war against the White Walkers has certainly distracted Daenerys Targaryen from her path to the Iron Throne. However, there is little doubt that the Mother of Dragons will face Cersei Lannister before the show concludes.

But what will happen to the other characters who also have a battle to fight in "Game of Thrones" Season 8? One person who might finally redeem himself is Theon Greyjoy, who was last seen setting out to save his sister from their cruel uncle.

Will Theon manage to save Yara Greyjoy? Or is it possible that Euron Greyjoy will kill his own nephew?

Theon seeks redemption by rescuing Yara

In the episode "The Dragon and The Wolf," Theon Greyjoy decided to speak with Jon Snow and ask forgiveness. The King in the North initially didn't want anything to do with Theon but Jon advised him to set out in an effort to save Yara Greyjoy.

Theon had a difficult time convincing his fellow Ironborns to go on a mission to rescue his sister. However, it is evident that he has made up his mind and will push through with the dangerous endeavor. But will Theon's efforts only result in Euron Greyjoy killing him in "Game of Thrones" Season 8?

The King of the Iron Islands certainly has no qualms about killing any of his family members.

After all, he murdered his brother Balon Greyjoy so he can rule the Iron Islands. Some fans believe that Theon will ultimately sacrifice himself so his sister can escape their uncle. Hopefully, the effort will lead to Yara Greyjoy taking revenge on Euron for killing her late brother in the final season.

The possible death of Theon Greyjoy is definitely long overdue on the HBO series.

The character is already in trouble in George R.R. Martin's upcoming novel "The Winds of Winter." Although he isn't popular with fans, people are still hoping that Theon will redeem himself in the TV show.

The 'Game' begins production

The fate of Theon Greyjoy could finally be revealed soon. According to Mashable, the cast and crew of "Game of Thrones" Season 8 will begin work on October 8.

Liam Cunningham has confirmed that he and his co-stars will be reunited for the first table read for the final season. The actors could soon find out what will happen to Theon in the TV series.

The last season of "Game of Thrones" is expected to be in production until summer 2018. It will then premiere on HBO by early 2019.