Rapper Nelly has been the latest target of seemingly unfounded Claims. An unnamed individual accused the rapper of sexual assault. Nelly has been on tour and was completely taken aback when approached by the authorities in the wake of these claims. Police have confirmed that they are fully investigating the situation and hope to come to a resolution soon.

The artist was arrested.

According to CNN Entertainment, police recently arrested Nelly when a woman stated that the performer sexually assaulted her. The rapper was approached by police and taken into custody on October 7, 2017.

In a police report, it was revealed that Nelly was arrested in the morning and held in police custody as they investigated the claim.

In a report by E! News, the police claimed that they had investigated the claims before they brought Nelly into custody. It has been confirmed that a woman called the police early Saturday morning and made the claim. She stated that she was on the rapper's tour bus when the assault happened. Police had not spoken about any other evidence that the individual had given them involving the alleged sexual assault.

Nelly was held in custody for only a few hours before he was released. The authorities have stated that they are still investigating the situation, however; they could not hold Nelly any longer without any further evidence.

The woman has not made any further claims or statements surrounding the sexual assault.

Nelly claims innocence.

According to E! News, Nelly has claimed that he is innocent and that the claims the woman is making are unfounded. The rapper took to social media to express his thoughts on the situation. He stated that he is shocked that someone would make such claims against him.

He stated that he is being intentionally targeted by these false allegations and is confident that once the facts are looked at his innocence will be proven.

Nelly stated that he wanted to apologize to his loved ones and his family for the embarrassment that these claims have caused. He has said that the individual who made the claims does not realize how they affect the people in his life.

The rapper stated that he has been put in a situation, which could essentially ruin his reputation.

In a report by CNN Entertainment, Nelly also took the time to thank his fans for their ongoing love and support through this difficult situation. He stated that his fans mean a lot to him and the fact that they are actively defending him online makes these allegations easier to bare.

Nelly was on tour with Florida Georgia Line when this incident occurred. He is supposed to be performing on October 8, 2017, however, he has decided against performing in the wake of these claims.