The Duggar Family Members are getting fed with the strict Family Rules and some believe it is time for a change. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's large family have always come across as a strong family unit and with that comes rules they expect all family members to carry out.

Tough to be a Duggar family member

Some of the Duggar Family rules come across as pretty stern and out dated. As family members continue to marry and start their own lives it appears they are beginning to believe it is getting time to change some of the old-fashioned rules. These rebellious feelings are expected to bring some disagreements within the family unit.

Strict family values driving the Duggars apart?

The family rules state all are to be dressed accordingly, women in long skirts, no bikinis, and for the males no swim trunks. Full bodysuit style swimwear is all that is permitted. There is to be no dancing or face to face hugging. Dancing is considered too sexual, and Michelle and Jim Bob are not fans of today's music believing it is too suggestive.

When showing affection only side hugging is permitted, unless you are married, then the women are taught if your husband comes at you wanting sex you must obey his wishes. Duggar family rules state women must make yourselves available at all times. Another bizarre family rule insists that siblings of the opposite sex are not permitted to spend time alone with each other.

This rule comes after the family endured a shocking scandal involving oldest son Josh Duggar caught molesting two of his sisters.

Absolutely no social media use until you are married and only then are you permitted to have an account. Any interaction between the opposite sex is considered courting and is not allowed without a proper chaperone.

According to Jim Bob it "keeps things from going in the wrong direction."

No television or tabloids allowed, so staying up on all the latest news and celebrity gossip is hard to do. It has been questioned more than once by fans as to how long the Duggar family's Michelle and Jim Bob are going to be able to keep enforcing such strict family rules.

In today's world, it is next to impossible to not come across some of these things and want to take part. Some fans believe it will not be long before the more rebellious family members such as Jinger decide it is time to experience life without the Duggar family rule makers breathing down their backs.

These hard to live by rules could be one of the reasons the Duggar's children are all racing to the altar at record speed. This is not the first time the Duggar's strict beliefs and rules have come into question. As previously reported, the Duggars were recently blasted after sharing a photo of their very young grandchildren pushing mops across the floor. However, it was the photo caption which reads "Train them young! These little ones love to 'help.' that really set followers off.

Do you foresee a Duggar family mutiny coming soon?