The news of a new warrior with superior powers was released 15 October 2017, along with the title for episode 115. The name of the new super-warrior was revealed and that warrior will join the Tournament of Power. The warrior will make their entrance in episode 114 but will eventually fight against Goku in episode 115.

Goku vs Kefura

A new Super Warrior appears and Goku will get very excited about it. Thanks to the combined power of Kale and Caulifla, Goku will have the chance to raise his powers and slowly get a grip on his new transformation.

Goku and his new friends will fight against each other with the objective of becoming stronger.

At least this is what the official synopsis implies. We know that Caulifla will face Goku, and that Kale will intervene after seeing her sister at a disadvantage.

In the end, Goku will surely show the fusion dance to his new friends giving birth to this new female Super Warrior. Goku and Caulifla have many things in common, specially their desire to fight and grow stronger.

What is Kefura’s real power level?

Taking into consideration that in her berserker transformation Kale was capable of injuring Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue stage, we can say for sure that Kefura’s power level will surpass the limits of this transformation.

Many fans considered that it was a bit too much that Kale was capable of hurting Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue stage, since we know how strong this transformation is.

We have also seen recent leaks in the videogame “Dragon Ball Heroes,” in which we were able to see the rematch between Goku and Jiren. In this round 2 we can see Goku having a better grip on his new transformation, something that may have been possible thanks to the battle between him and Kefura.

In fact there is a chance that we may see Goku facing the two female Saiyans with his new ultra-instinct.

Yet, as we all know, the Saiyans need to practice for some time before getting used to a new transformation.

What is certain is that Kefura will surely be unable to face Goku in his new stage, and the only one that may be capable of maintaining a battle against him will be the strongest warrior in the arena so far: Jiren the Grey.

Toppo vs Vegeta

The battle between these two warriors will be quite intense and will also shock the Gods, the Grand Priest and Zen-oh himself. They are the second strongest warriors in the arena so they will surely offer an amazing battle.

As far as we can see, Universe 7 has the biggest chances of winning the Tournament of Power. Still nothing is certain and we must consider that, as many fans still state, Hit may have not been eliminated from the arena. After all, we must remember that the main scriptwriter of the saga stated that Vegeta and Hit will have their rematch in the Tournament of Power.