Toei Animation remains committed to creating new episodes of the series "Dragon Ball Super." For now, the narrative arc of the Power Tournament continues, which could be, according to some rumors of its followers, the latest saga of cartoons.

It also generates a lot of buzz among the fans, and let’s face it, Dragon Ball movies generate a lot of money for Toei. The last Dragon Ball movie that we got was ‘Resurrection F’, which aired back in 2015.

New film rumor

A new movie about the famous franchise might await us as it was discovered that a new site was registered by Toei on October 14, which would suggest that.

Will our Goku be the protagonist of another Animated Feature?

The name of the site is, which may be very familiar to fans, who surely remember a site called dragonball2013.

To this portal would be attributed "Dragon Ball Z," battle of the gods. Later, before the "F" movie of Resurrection was presented, Toei had recorded the website dragonball2015, which referred again to the year he debuted in the funny movie.

At present, there is no official confirmation of a new role in the franchise, but expectations have been intense. In the coming months, we will discover what this site is about. The "F" resurrection was announced in July 2014 and was introduced in Japan in April 2015.

The previous super films

The events narrated in the film "The Battle of the Gods" follows Bills a feline humanoid with a thin constitution, purple, hairless, with yellow eyes and large pointed ears. Appears the famous God of Destruction, awakened after 30 years of sleep, when he goes in search of the God Super Saiyan.

The story is between 288 and 289 episodes of the Z series, or in the ten years that pass after the defeat of Majin Boo.

Compared to most Dragon Ball movies, the Battle of the Gods is considered a true sequel to the Z series and canonical in manga events.

"The F resurrection" takes place as a fierce antagonist Freezer who, resurrected by his servants through the Spheres of the Earth Dragon, wants revenge for his previous death provoked by the Saiyan Goku.

"Dragon Ball Super" is issued in Italy, while the manga is published by Star Comics Editions, in the quest for a wider spread of the series. Perugina publisher will also publish two special volumes on the creation of Akira Toriyama in November.

Additional information

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 112 is set to air on Oct. 22 EDT. It is available on Crunchyroll on Saturdays at 7:15 PM CST. while Toonami airs the English dub on Adult Swim Saturdays at 11:30 PM.

Stay tuned!