Niall Horan has taken the spotlight once again, following several rumors about his Dating life. According to Daily Mail, it has been speculated that the former "One Direction" member is back to his dating game with his rumored new love interest, Olympia Valance.

The brewing reports immediately went viral in the social media feeds, but, the 24-year-old Irish pop star was also quick to debunk the false claims as he went on to say that he is still "very single."

In the middle of whispers and rumors pairing up the singer and the "Neighbours" actress, it seems as though Horan is more focused on his new career as a solo artist than getting serious with dating and commitments.

"I'm the single man. You know? I'm 24 and traveling the world and that's the way it is." he said.

When did all the dating rumors begin?

Horan was spotted hanging out with the brunette beauty during one of his trips abroad amidst promoting his first solo album "Flicker." The singer has been recently up to completing his travel schedules for his promotional world tour prior to his album's release, but aside from highlighting what could be in for his newest music piece this year, his dating life seems to be getting a lot of attention as well.

The two were recently spotted getting close at a cricket match situated in Melbourne, Australia. While it may be too quick to throw assumptions about Niall Horan possibly on a dating spree with Olympia Valance, he's a big name in the industry, so the rumors would be nonstop unless he makes the real score loud and clear.

Over the weekend, the "Slow Hands" singer had been bombarded with a bunch of questions asking about the real score between him and Valance. Without a doubt, Horan had set the record straight as he swiftly said "No" on whether or not he's dating the model-actress. "No, I heard about this. We just hung out in Melbourne. Her friends are friends with some of my friends that are living there." he explained.

How about Olympia Valance's side of the story?

Valance, 24, has kept mum about the real status between her and Horan. However, shortly after the speculations made the rounds, the actress did not conceal the fact that they had been messaging each other and had spent some sort of "us" time together.

Despite the rumors claiming that Niall Horan and Olympia Valance could be an item and were simply not ready to go public about their relationship, everything remains nothing but speculation until one of them finally gives the green light.