"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that Brady may truly lose everything very soon. As many "DOOL" viewers know, Brady has been on a major downward spiral as of late, and things are only going to get worse for the fan favorite character. Brady's lost nearly everything important to him in his life, but he may have one major thing left to have taken away, and that's his son, Tate.

Brady has lost everything

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, Brady Black's life is completely falling apart. He recently found out that his girlfriend, Nicole Walker, had cheated on him with his step-brother, Eric Brady, and decided to use evidence that he had against her get revenge.

Brady told Nicole that if she didn't break things off with Eric and leave Salem immediately that he would give police the evidence that she killed Deimos Kiriakis, and send her to prison. This would mean Nicole would lose her daughter, Holly, and she just couldn't risk that. So, Nicole heartbreakingly agreed to the deal.

Will Eve take away the only thing good left in Brady's life?

Now Brady has lost his love, and he's also fallen off the wagon and started drinking again. It looks like "Days Of Our Lives" viewers are about to see the character go through even more in the coming weeks. "DOOL" spoilers reveal that Eve Donovan is on her way back to Salem later this month. Eve will of course stop by the Kiriakis mansion to see her nephew, Tate, but will likely be shocked by what she sees.

Brady is obviously a mess. He's lost all the women he's ever loved in his life, including Tate's mother, Theresa Donovan, his career at Titan is in jeopardy, and now Eve will roll in with concerns about Tate. This, according to a report by Celeb Dirty Laundry.

A reality check is just what he needs to turn his life around

It seems very likely that Eve will be appalled by Brady's lifestyle, and that she'll decide she needs to step in.

Eve will probably decide to try to obtain custody of little Tate from Brady, and since he's in such a bad state at the moment, Eve could actually win the court case. This would leave Brady will nothing in his life, which could make things so much worse for him. However, "Days of our Lives" fans may see Brady use the pain of losing Tate as a reality check and motivation to get his life back on track.

Eve getting custody of the little boy may actually be the best thing for Brady at this point in time.

Find out how everything plays out for Brady and Eve by tuning in to "Days of our Lives" on weekday afternoons on NBC.