After Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth's two-hour wedding special on TLC, the Duggar Family shared never before seen photos of the pair on their social media and official website. Fans were overjoyed to get a behind-the-scenes look at Joy and Austin's special day, even though the program "Counting On" already showed their wedding, fans were treated to an "inside look" at their extra special day. This means that fans will likely also be given another special for Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell, after the pair walked down the aisle just a month ago, becoming the first Duggar boy since Josh to get married.

Fans scour Joy-Anna's photos for a baby bump

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth has been caught in the middle of a lot of controversies since her wedding to family friend Austin Forsyth. The 20-year-old Duggar daughter has had rumors swirling that she and Austin were participating in unsavory activities since last December, in which tabloids released rumors that she and her husband-to-be were having sex before they were married.

The rumors haven't turned out to be true or false, as neither member of the couple has opened up publicly about them. However, some are convinced that Joy-Anna's baby bump, which is much bigger than a three-month bump, proves the pair were already expecting when they tied the knot.

The pair also moved their wedding from their announced October date to May 26, which made some fans question whether or not they did so to avoid scrutiny because Joy-Anna was already expecting.

Because of the rumors swirling, fans have been checking Joy-Anna's photos to see whether or not she has a baby bump.

Most of the photos feature something in front of Joy-Anna, which some call "telling."

Decor evidence of a 'shot-gun' wedding?

Other fans have speculated that the decor of Joy-Anna and Austin's wedding shows that the wedding was changed at the last minute. Fans got to see an up-close look at the wedding decorations in the new album, which are all very heavily autumn themed.

On the altar with Joy and Austin was wheat tied together, in addition to wheat in Joy-Anna's burnt orange and white bouquet. For many, this is indicative that the pair had already chosen an autumnal theme for her wedding, and then simply swapped out the dates but decided against re-planning the entire event. The pair is now making their home in Arkansas and is expecting their first baby, which is rumored to be due in March.