"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Sami Brady is about to cause some big trouble all over Salem. While Sami will have her hand in a lot of the chaos happening on the NBC soap, there is one thing that she'll do that will surprise everyone, especially Abigail. It looks like Sami will want to get a little revenge on an old enemy while she's back in Salem, and it will stun everyone involved.

Sami and Chad have a surprising moment

According to the latest "Days of Our Lives" spoilers, Sami Brady will make her way to her old home, the DiMera mansion, and she'll encounter Chad DiMera.

As many "DOOL" fans know, Chad is the younger brother of Sami's late husband, EJ DiMera, and he is also married to Abigail Deveraux. Before EJ's death, Abigail and EJ had a torrid affair, and Sami really never got her revenge on Abby for sleeping with the love of her life. However, Sami never forgets, and it looks like she'll get a little bit even by laying a kiss on Chad, and of course, Abigail will see it all.

Sami's out for a bit of revenge

Don't worry "Days of Our Lives" viewers; there will not be any awkward love triangle between Sami, Chad, and Abigail. In fact, Sami won't have any romantic interest at all in her former brother-in-law. However, she does believe in revenge, and that the kiss will serve as a little bit of payback for what Abigail did to her when she had an affair with EJ.

Meanwhile, Chad and Sami will also talk about the possibility of Sami's son, Will Horton, still being alive. It looks like everyone will want some answers and if Will is still out there somewhere then, Sami wants to know and find her firstborn child immediately.

Will should be Sami's main focus going forward during her time in Salem, and it seems that the search will lead her to Memphis, Tennessee.

Sami, along with Sonny, Paul, Lucas, John, and some others will follow a lead on Dr. Rolf and Will and head south to follow it. The trip to Memphis promises to be an interesting one, and could even lead to Will's safe return. However, some "Days of Our Lives" theories reveal that Will may not be the same after being experimented on by Dr.

Rolf, and those who love him may be in for a long and complicated road ahead as they scramble to help their beloved Will.

There will be no shortage of drama for the fan-favorite character

It looks like "Days of Our Lives" fans can expect a lot of drama during Sami Brady's short time back in Salem, and viewers are looking forward to watching what the favorite fan character will be up to during her stint on the soap. Be sure to check out "DOOL" weekday afternoons on NBC to find out how it all plays out for Sami, Will, and the rest of the Salem citizens.