Just before his new show “S.W.A.T.” premieres on CBS, Shemar Moore is stepping into other official boots. He will be back on an episode of “Criminal Minds” this week, reprising his role as Agent Derek Morgan. Fans were treated to the reprisal through a beautifully created promo trailer for episode 5, “Lucky Strikes.”

This may not be the first time the actor has returned to the role, but it doesn’t make it any less sweet. Garcia’s reaction to his arrival is just perfect.

Morgan returns for emotional support

Last time, Morgan returned to help the team (fail to) catch Scratch.

This time, he’s back in a more personal aspect. When the team go up against something that has a deeper connection to Garcia, he comes to offer emotional support to her. It is something all fans are excited for, considering their close platonic relationship over the years.

Could this cause some problems for Garcia and Luke? The two are getting closer and that could certainly still happen. Will he be jealous of the close relationship Garcia and Morgan still have?

Who’s face down on the ground?

At one point in the trailer, a guy with longish hair is laying face down on the ground. It certainly looks like Reid, although fans are quick to point out that there’s a ring on one of the fingers. Reid doesn’t wear a ring, and certainly not a wedding ring.

It does indicate that this is someone else, and possibly one of the victims that leads the BAU to the case.

Many “Criminal Minds” fans have ruled out anything happening to Reid this season. He was the main focus of a number of episodes in season 12, when it looked like he was going to be written off either by going to prison or by being killed by the person framing him.

Who’s the unsub this week?

More importantly, fans are trying to work out who the unsub will be this week. Many have noticed that it looks like the cannibal, Floyd Feylinn Ferell, from a few seasons ago. This is certainly likely, since the episode he first appeared in was called “Lucky” and this one is called “Lucky Strikes.” Many will remember the ending to his episode, where it turned out he served a stew of his latest victim to destroy all the evidence to searchers looking for that victim.

The unsub was captured by the BAU, but he was later released from prison. He is out there somewhere and likely continuing his attack on society. It wouldn’t be that surprising if he played on Garcia’s mind.

“Criminal Minds” season 13, episode 5 will air on Wednesday, Oct. 25 at 10/9c on CBS.