Criminal Minds” Season 12 finale left its fans on the edge of their seats as it featured its most shocking cliffhanger, by far. Fans saw most of the television show’s lead stars end up in a massive car accident that might lead to the death of some.

However, in an interview with executive producer Erica Messer (via Cinema Blend), she teased that the coming of the newest cast member Daniel Henney as Matt Simmons will change how things will pan out. Can he help everyone to survive the tragic event in “Criminal Minds” Season 13?

A missing character

When Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) learned that her team had been in a huge car accident, she promptly called Agent Matt Simmons to take her to the place where they got the last signal from the group.

They saw what had happened to her people, checked the injured and noticed that someone was actually missing. Messer revealed that the alleged character, which is potentially said to be SSA Stephen Walker (Damon Gupton), who will meet his death might be missing.

There are swirling rumors that Mr. Scratch (Bodhi Elfman) might be the one responsible for the accident. Therefore, he might be also the one who is behind the missing character. This might mean that his life is still in danger.

Coming and going characters

“Criminal Minds” Season 13 will be introducing a new, but familiar, face with Daniel Henney’s role as Agent Matt Simmons.

He has been sent back to the police procedural television show after its spinoff series, “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,” was canceled.

Erica Messer explained to EW that fans won’t see new agents coming into the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), but it seems like it is still too early to tell the show’s “casting change-ups.” To recall, Thomas Gibson, who played the role of Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner, has been fired and replaced by new characters like Adam Rodriguez as are Luke Alvez and Damon Gupton, who has been recently been let go, as Stephen Walker.

Also, with Gibson’s exit, Paget Brewster, who portrays Emily Prentiss, and Aisha Tyler, who plays as Dr. Tara Lewis, have returned full-time.

Mr. Scratch’s next victim

Talking about returning characters, it was revealed that the television show’s ultimate big bad, Mr. Scratch, is going to be back in “Criminal Minds” Season 13.

He has been the BAU’s main problem and it looks like he will still continue to be so. Previously, he made Reid’s (Matthew Gray Gubler) life a living hell by torturing him and abducting his sick mother Diana (Jane Lynch). Now, it remains a big mystery as to who will be his next victim.