Josh Duggar has been shunned from the public eye since 2015. That is when the two scandals broke, though only one of them was unknown to the family. Everything changed for the Duggar family the moment the public found out Josh had molested his sisters. If that wasn't bad enough, a few months later it was revealed that Duggar had a sex addiction and an Ashley Madison account. All of this caused the network to cancel “19 Kids and Counting,” leaving fans wondering what would happen next.

The Duggars rebrand themselves using the girls

Fans were upset that the network pulled the show because of what Josh Duggar did.

After a few months of continuous calls and emails, TLC decided to try something new for the Duggar family. Instead of focusing on the scandals, they wanted the girls to tell their side of the story and give them their own show. “Jill & Jessa: Counting On” was born. When the ratings skyrocketed, the network talked about a more long-term solution for the family to remain on the air. The Duggar girls were bringing in the viewers, and the network loved the numbers.

When “Counting On” was born, it was decided that Josh Duggar would not be allowed to film. This was to protect the interest of the advertisers. If someone like Josh was allowed to be on television after what he did, many of the sponsors would have pulled out.

Fans were torn about their opinions on this, mainly because Josh Duggar was getting the help he needed.

Don't call it a comeback

It looks like Josh Duggar may be headed back to television. According to the Hollywood Gossip, there have been numerous signs that this is a possibility. The attention given to Josh and Anna over the last several months has been more than it has been in a while.

In fact, the official Facebook page for the Duggar family has even featured photos of him and his family. Most recently, the birth of his fifth child was announced. This could all lead to him being back with the family in front of the cameras, as long as the advertisers wouldn't pull out.

The new season of “Counting On” is currently airing on TLC and will feature Joy-Anna Duggar and her journey to marrying Austin Forsyth.

While more seasons have not been announced, fans are betting on at least one more because of Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell's wedding that happened just last week, With so much happening within the family, it isn't hard to believe at some point, Josh Duggar would be allowed back on television.