Lady Gaga has worn a cavalcade of custom-designed couture through her years of red carpets and stage performances and personas. When it comes to matters of her heart, though, the singer-songwriter is as honest and real as it gets. Just take a listen to the tracks from “Joanne” to hear the heartbreak, rapture, and power of love in full force. Lady Gaga's opus from last year is a giant love letter, in a sense, even dedicated to her aunt who left this world too soon due to Lupus complications. The angst of “Million Reasons” really only reflects a sliver of the pain following the parting of ways with long-time former love, actor Taylor Kinney, while “Come to Mama” pleads for nurturing and love on a global scale.

In her “CBS Sunday Morning” profile interview last year, Stefani Germanotta was anything but monstrous, longing for love “as deeply, wholesomely and as fully” as women love men, and for that love to be received “with dignity.” Well, it appears that the artist feels she has found that kind of love with beau and agent, Christian Carino, and she’s sharing a glowing photo of a sunset embrace with the world, after a very high-powered weekend.

In very privileged company

Lady Gaga donned dazzling white for her surprise performance at the One America Appeal. To call the Saturday occasion a once-in-a-lifetime event would be an understatement, considering that all five living presidents, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and son, George W.

Bush, along with Barack Obama took places on the stage. This performance likely is the only one ever in Gaga’s storied history which requires that she share the spotlight, and the luminous megastar was clearly fine with that situation.

“Pain is such an equalizer,” she spoke in part of her remarks. She praised that in times of catastrophe, “we would all our differences aside” and come together for the good of all.

“Because we need each other, or we can’t survive,” she closed on a candid note.

She did not make her appearance at Texas A&M University in College Station until almost two hours into the evening, but she clearly planned her set with purpose. “Million Reasons” was very much needed, in lieu of the millions needing help from the surge of massive hurricanes over the past months.

Donations surpassed $31 million through the evening, and are still coming. “You and I” is one of Lady Gaga's most-loved love ballads, bolstering the theme of togetherness in facing the world’s rough times, and “Edge of Glory” certainly echoed her own heart, looking down at five former Commanders-in-Chief and saying, “Now, that's what I call an audience!”

She posed for a stately photograph with the distinguished group, and the senior President Bush later said via Twitter that he would have “loved to sung” with the Super Bowl halftime star. President Obama playfully responded that those two could handle the singing, and he and the rest would “handle the donations.”

Donald Trump did not attend, instead sending a videotaped message.

Lovely in pictures

Speaking of pictures and messages, Lady Gaga made her love with Christian Carino wide open to the world with a tender pose at sunset on the beach. Sharing their gaze on Instagram and Snapchat was all the announcement necessary. Some reports relate that this who were trying to recapture the feel of “The Notebook,” but with the gift Lady Gaga already has for words, no lifting of any author’s themes are needed. She is ready to write her own love story again.

Carino has a well-known roster of artists under his wing at Creative Artists Agency, including Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, and Justin Bieber. He made it clear early on that Gaga was more than his client, as he and she shared special kisses and caresses on the field at the Super Bowl, and let her know throughout her Joanne tour that he was never going to let her come to harm under his watch.

“The best part of being in love is having someone there to catch you if you fall,” declares Lady Gaga. She has waited a long time to feel safe in love once more, and a sandy beach and open arms make a very safe place to fall.