Fans will be thrilled to know Season 2 of the popular “Stranger Things80s-theme show is coming just in time for Halloween. Judging by the trailer, just released at Comic-Con, the show will definitely have a Halloween theme.

Almost everyone’s back in Netflix’s second season of Stranger Things'

When Netflix and the Duffer Brothers released the trailer at Comic-Con on Saturday, fans were no doubt thrilled to see that Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the mysterious Eleven, will definitely be back on the show, despite her seeming “death” in season 1 of "Stranger Things."

Also, Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers, is of course still in the story after his dramatic return at the end of the last season.

Winona Ryder will also be back as Will’s concerned mother. Joyce Byers and all Will’s pals are present and correct, with Finn Wolfhard in the role of Mike, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin and Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair. David Harbour returns to his role as Jim Hopper. Whether Barb will make a sudden reappearance is unknown.

It was a bitter-sweet moment at the end of the last season when Will was rescued from his imprisonment in the bleak and terrifying Upside Down, an alternative world within our more normal world. It was sweet to see the boy back, but also scary, as the finale showed Will vomiting something pretty terrifying into the bathroom sink.

He is obviously not going to have an easy time of it in the upcoming season.

In and out of the Upside Down

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Schnapp prior to the start of production of the second season and he had told them he was hoping his character, Will would take a darker and more villainous role after his return. However, the trailer seems to show he is still being tormented by his awful experience as he appears to pop in and out of the Upside Down.

While playing with his friends in a games arcade, Will’s friends suddenly vanish, as he switches to the Upside Down and sees a spider-like monster, which could be every bit as scary as the Demogorgon, killed by Eleven at the end of season 1 of "Stranger Things."

As noted by Entertainment Weekly, we can also see Will's mother, Joyce, is still very concerned about her boy as she hovers over him in a hospital scene.

We also get a quick look at one of the new characters on the show in the new trailer, with Sean Astin seen fleeing through a dark hallway dressed in doctor’s scrubs, while towards the end we see fan-favorite Eleven coming through a wall and back into our reality.

Set appropriately during Halloween, the season 2 trailer is backed by the music of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” offering an extra spooky touch to the scene. Enjoy the trailer for the second season of "Stranger Things," included below.