Filming has only just wrapped up for Peter Capaldi as the twelfth “Doctor Who,” as they finished this year Christmas special earlier in the week. With that, all eyes are now turning to who will replace Capaldi as the number thirteen.

Many fans were expecting it would be revealed later this year with some even hoping that it would be left until the Christmas Special, but in a shocking twist, the BBC has released a video announcing that they will make the reveal straight after the Wimbledon Men's tennis final on Sunday 16th July. Of course, no time has been given considering the length of tennis matches!

The BBC official video

The one-minute long clip showed various famous landmarks from around the world, including Number 10 Downing Street in London, The Statue of Liberty in New York City, and more with the number 13 appearing repeatedly.

No words are spoken throughout, and it is only until the very end that the message announcing that you can meet the 13th Doctor this Sunday after the tennis match was shown.

Reactions by fans

Unsurprisingly this comes with a lot of mixed reactions from fans of the BBC show, as some have wanted to know ever since the ending of season 10 so is undoubtedly excited by this announcement. However, it is also met with the exact opposite reaction, as some fans were really hoping they wouldn't find out until they were watching the Christmas Special.

The special will see the official moment of the regeneration.

Who will be Number 13

Talk about who will become number 13 has been a major topic this time around. A lot of fans are hoping to see the first-ever female Doctor, something which has a caused much-heated debate amongst many fans.

Currently, the betting odds look like they will go that way.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge, known for her role in the BBC comedy “Fleabag” and set to appear in the untitled Han Solo spin-off movie, has been given great odds by bookies to star as the next Doctor. “Broadchurch” star Jodie Whittaker has also been given good odds. Many fans would love to see this since “Broadchurch” stars former Doctor David Tennant, and former showrunner Chris Chibnall is becoming the new “Who” showrunner.

However, Kris Marshall is still tipped as the favorite, with some claiming he has already taken over the role. Marshall is best known as BBC’s comedy “My Family” and the hit romantic comedy “Love Actually.” He is also one of the older faces for the BT adverts.

Once the announcement has been made fans will still have to wait until the Christmas Special to see this new Doctor in action.

But, as of now, fans just have to sit back and wait as (whether you are happy by this or not) by end of day Sunday we will know who the next “Doctor Who” is.