The fourth season of "The Flash" will premiere in a few days, and many fans are eager to see how the team will go on (for now) without Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). Barry remains trapped in the Speed Force, though the Scarlett Speedster is expected to return at some point, but what about Harrison Wells?

In last season's finale, the Earth-2 version of Wells was still around, though he may exit and return to Earth-2. H.R. Wells sacrificed himself, taking the place of Iris West (Candice Patton) and eventually got killed by the evil speedster Savitar.

The Earth-2 Wells is a temporary setup and the team is expected to search for a new one to fill the vacancy soon.

A new kind of Wells

So far, most have seen Wells as a genius, a villain, and a comedian for the past three seasons. For the fourth season, a new kind of persona is expected. Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg shared some thoughts on what kind of Wells to expect.

He revealed that the new Wells will be in for an emotional journey and will be associated with the evil plans of the new villain, The Thinker. It should be a new and interesting twist with Wells scripted to realize what he is missing in life. He will also be tasked with finding out what he needs to do to be a complete person.

Which Earth will he come from?

The new Harrison Wells should be something to look out for. It remains to be seen where he will come from once the team likely sends out another job vacancy ad. If not, the current Harrison Wells from Earth-2 could stick around and undergo a transformation. A reincarnation of H.R. Wells may also be possible, though the chances of that may be low.

All that should factor in once Barry is officially back in action. The struggles ahead are already known, particularly the relationship between Barry and Iris. Changes in their relationship are speculated, and likely tied to previous events and the time “The Flash” spent trapped in the Speed Force.

Season 4 filled with emotion

From the Barry Allen/Iris West relationship to a different kind of Harrison Wells, it seems that things are going to get serious in the fourth season. It makes the new big bad (The Thinker) and other villains lined up a perfect fit with the show-runners looking to continue the success of the past three seasons.

There are breadcrumbs out in the open, all pointing to another explosive season. All of these scenarios begin on "The Flash" when it returns on Oct 10 for its fourth season on The CW.