Cary Deuber may work in the medical field as an assistant to her husband, Mark Deuber, who is a plastic surgeon, but she quickly realized that perhaps she can't trust her friends on "The Real Housewives of Dallas." While Cary and Mark may be professional in the work that they do, it sounds like Cary wants her friends to do their research before embarking on a journey with a new doctor. This is something she encouraged Brandi Redmond to do, and while she claims she just tried to give her friend some advice, Redmond has told her co-stars that Deuber said that people had died on his operating table.

This was something that surfaced on "The Real Housewives of Dallas" this week, and Brandi was angry with Cary for saying this just days prior to her going in for surgery. When LeeAnne was going in for her breast surgery, Cary did the same thing. She questioned the doctor's credentials and Locken was furious. According to a new report, Cary Deuber is now revealing that she felt blindsided when Brandi brought it up, as she claims she never said those things to Brandi. While she admits she questioned LeeAnne's doctor, she says she never told Brandi that people had died on her doctor's operating table.

Influenced by LeeAnne?

When Cary Deuber heard Brandi talk about what she claimed she had heard, Cary had a feeling that perhaps LeeAnne was behind it all.

While in Mexico, Deuber reveals that she was attacked with this claim just as she was discussing LeeAnne's comments where she threatened to strangle Cary. Because this happened, Deuber revealed that she felt everything had been set up by LeeAnne.

"I was so confused and blindsided. Someone threatened to strangle me, and it immediately got turned back on to me?

It’s now my fault? Classic Two-Face deflection. Get Brandi to fight with me so that you don't have to deal with your bad behavior," Cary Deuber explains in her Bravo blog, revealing that she feels LeeAnne was pushing Brandi to bring it up so she didn't have to answer to her comments about strangling Cary.

Could have consequences

Deuber has denied saying those things, but if it is proven to be true, she could be in some trouble. If she's spreading stories about people dying on some doctor's operating table, it could be slander. It could also be seen in a negative light, as they are in the same industry and she could be trying to get clients.

What do you think about Cary Deuber's denials that she said anything to the ladies? Do you think she's telling the truth?