Brandi Redmond told viewers during the first episode of "The Real Housewives of Dallas" why she was no longer talking to her former best friend, Stephanie Hollman. During the show's first season, these two women were inseparable. They would goof around; they would laugh, they would drink wine throughout the day - something they jokingly called "Jesus Juice" and their children would play together. They were great friends, and one can imagine it was painful for Brandi to learn that Stephanie had said something negative about her marriage.

According to a new Bravo report, Brandi Redmond is now revealing that it was painful to learn that Stephanie had called her marriage a car wreck in slow motion just waiting to happen.

Of course, Redmond and her husband worked on their issues, and they are doing well these days. But Brandi had hoped Stephanie would be there for her. So when Cary Deuber showed up on Stephanie's social media pages, Redmond felt replaced.

Feeling replaced

In her Bravo blog, Redmond explains that she felt Stephanie had made a choice. Brandi Redmond believed that based on her social media activity, Hollman was done with her friend.

"I'm sorry I didn't think I could hurt my best friend like this. I thought that by her social media and relationship with Cary Deuber, she didn't need or want me," Brandi Redmond reveals in her blog for Bravo, sharing that it was painful to see Stephanie hanging out with Cary.

On "The Real Housewives of Dallas," Redmond reveals that it was particularly hard when Cary called Stephanie her "ride or die" friend, as this is what Redmond used to be for Hollman. One can imagine that if Stephanie had snapped photos with Cary drinking "Jesus Juice," this friendship would not be worth saving. Also, it may have been a stab in the back for Brandi.

Future of friendship

As fans are learning this season, Stephanie had no idea as to why Brandi Redmond didn't want to talk to her. She was hurt, as she felt that Brandi had completely betrayed her. Of course, this wasn't the case. Redmond felt she had a good reason as to why she didn't want to talk to her old friend anymore.

As for the future of this friendship, it sounds like Brandi and Stephanie have worked things out.

They are getting along these days, and one can imagine they are working towards a stronger friendship. But based on the previews, it sounds like it will be an emotional ride.

What do you think of Brandi Redmond feeling replaced by Cary Deuber?