There are a lot of angry "Rick and Morty" fans who feel like Mcdonald's cheated them big time this weekend. The fast food giant promised one day of their tasty Szechuan Sauce to fans of the show. On Saturday, October 7, McDonald's was making the Mulan-inspired sauce available again for just one day.

Supplies were limited alright

For just a one day availability, "Rick and Morty" fans already knew that the McDonald's Szechuan sauce would be limited and that they'd have to get there early to beat other Adult Swim fans to the sauce. At some locations, fans lined the street as they waited for their chance to get their hands on the limited release of the chicken nugget dipping sauce.

It was reported by the Guardian that only 20 packets of the sauce were made available in many locations with some not receiving the sauce at all. It turns out that the limited-release was even more limited than "Rick and Morty" fans thought it would be.

It was almost a riot

The Szechuan sauce release turned into a publicity stunt gone wrong after one McDonald's location ended their "Rick and Morty" promotion early with a visit from the police. Fans had lined the street in wait for their sauce only to find out that the location had sold out.

The group of angry Szechuan sauce seekers got worked up and started chanting "we want sauce!" That's when the police were called to come keep the peace before the search for Szechuan sauce ended in violence.

With more than 1000 people waiting at just one McDonald's location, the Szechuan sauce promotion turned out to be wilder than free TVs on a Black Friday. It seems that McDonald's wildly underestimated the popularity of both "Rick and Morty" and their nugget dipping sauce.

Sauce on eBay and an apology

In other locations, employees didn't even know about the promotion and had no idea what to do with the upset Adult Swim cartoon fans.

The fast food giant has since offered up an apology. They tweeted, "The best fans in the multiverse showed us what they got today. We hear you and we're sorry not everyone could get some super-limited Szechuan."

Some of those who did get their sauce weren't even in it for the right reasons. They proved that by running back to eBay to list the nugget dipping sauce where bids have already run up into the hundreds of dollars.

What McDonald's didn't tweet is a promise to make things right. Considering the insane popularity of Szechuan sauce thanks to Justin Roiland and one of the most popular adult animated series', maybe they should just bring the sauce back full time.