There will be a new mayor coming to New York City to replace Mayor Carter Poole (David Ramsey) in Blue BloodsSeason 8. “The Sopranos” and “Rizzoli & Isle” alum Lorraine Bracco is going to join the police procedural drama in a recurring role when it returns.

The 62-year-old star is going to play the role of Mayor Margaret Dutton. She will swear in as the new head of the city following the City’s Charter line of succession following Poolé's resignation.

The new city mayor

It looks like there will be a major change happening in “Blue Bloods” Season 8 with the coming of Mayor Margaret Dutton. To recall, former Mayor Carter Poole stepped down from his post in the previous season as he felt that he could not make it anymore.

His successor was a former Public Advocate so she knows how to serve the people.

She, too, has been the head of “social, cultural and philanthropic” groups in the city. She might be the best mayor New York City could have with her expertise in negotiations. She, too, may be going to make the town a better place with the use of her power, influence, and, not to mention, her wealth.

Reagan vs Dutton

By the looks of it, she is the kind of woman who is used to getting everything that she wants. However, her influence might not work with Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck). The officer is known for working hard for everything he has attained and only listens to his own gut and instinct.

He doesn’t care if Margaret Dutton is the city’s mayor or how influential, powerful, and wealthy she is.

He, too, doesn’t tolerate stupidity. If he finds out that she is doing something wrong in his town, he definitely won’t hesitate to call her out.

Ramsey’s exit

Meanwhile, fans now feel sad as they won’t see David Ramsey reprising his role as Mayor Carter Poole in “Blue Bloods” Season 8.

According to Carter Matt, the 45-year-old star has another job as John Diggle in “Arrow” on The CW.

It is quite hard and probably impossible for the actor to be in New York City every now and then for the production of the police procedural drama.

As the long-running television series features police politics, it opts to employ someone who is from the area and who is available to film regularly. Lorraine Bracco is described as a great actress, so it will be easier for her to add dynamics to her new character.

Fans can see and judge the new mayor of New York City in the return of “Blue Bloods” Season 8 on Sept. 29 on CBS.

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