Fans might finally witness the much-awaited reunion of Officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Officer Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) inBlue BloodsSeason 8. Ray is said to be returning in the police procedural drama’s eighth installment after being away in some of the previous season’s episodes.

With that, a lot of viewers are expecting the two will be once again seen working together and a possibility of continuing their romance. They have been known as great working partners, but things got a little complicated when their feelings for each other have been exposed.

A new assignment

According to Carter Matt, Jamie and Eddie tried their best to conceal their feelings for each other.

The two tried to go out with other people. In fact, they even spent some time apart. However, what they feel for one another remains strong.

As the officers may have a new assignment that they will be working on “Blue Bloods” Season 8, they will end up once again together. They will go undercover pretending they are a real couple to solve a case. As much as they try to deny their feelings, it will just naturally come out in this situation.

Danny and Frank’s problems

Aside from Jamie and Eddie, it seems like Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) is considering the idea of retiring in “Blue Bloods” season 8.

According to Hidden Remote, Danny and his family’s lives are now in danger as people behind the cartel he has been trying to stop threatened their safety. To recall, he had a role in the joint effort made by NYPD to stop the group’s illegal dealings in the city that caused them millions of dollars.

As he now fears for their lives, he might now consider surrendering his badge and gun for the protection of his loved ones.

However, Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) asks for his help to work for a case that involves her former husband, Jack Reagan (Tony Terraciano). This will make Danny realize the importance of his work as a law enforcer that can get him help his family's legal problems.

Aside from Danny, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) will be making a major adjustment with the next new city mayor Margaret Dutton (Lorraine Bracco).

After the retirement of Mayor Carter Poole (David Ramsey), the police officer has to work with the metropolis’ new leader. However, it seems like he will be having a problem dealing with her. As she is known in getting everything she wants and the officer is her total opposite, fans can expect misunderstandings happening between the two.