Once again, Jane and her team at the FBI embark on dangerous missions when “blindspotreturns with season 3. This time Shepherd is not behind these operations but her son and Jane’s brother, Roman. However, showrunner Martin Gero teases that Roman is not the Big Bad that he seems to be. Instead, the new season introduces a new villain who targets Jane’s team.

New tattoos

The fun never stops for Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and his team at the FBI. Just when they thought that they have cracked down the mysteries behind Jane’s tattoos, they uncover there is more to solve.

The season 2 finale revealed a new set of bioluminescent tattoos that will take the team to places. These puzzles on Jane’s (Jaimie Alexander) body once again spur the storyline for season 3.

However, these tattoos are different according to showrunner Martin Gero. They have become personal since they also target members of the FBI. “What's fascinating about the tattoos this year is they are aimed at the team as well as Jane. Each member of the team has tattoos that are resonant to them, or expose secrets [they have],” Gero tells TV Guide. He adds that by the end of the season 3 premiere, viewers will see that members of Kurt Weller’s team “all have something to hide.”

Global missions

Just how far do these new tattoos on Jane’s body take the FBI?

They bring the team to different countries. NBC released a new action-packed trailer for “Blindspot” season 3 that reveals where the threat and action take place. Jane’s tattoos take Kurt Weller and team to Barcelona Spain, Venice Italy and in Marrakesh, Morocco. According to Deadline, the season 3 premiere opens in Venice and the missions continue across the globe, including Australia.

Of course, Roman is behind these new missions. Gero confirms that he placed those glowing tattoos on his sister’s body. This is his way of getting back at Jane who chose the FBI over her own family. Ultimately, the team (Zapata, Weller, Patterson and Reed) carries the brunt of her decision since Roman targets them as well. No one is safe.

New villain

However, Gero hints that Roman may play the wild card role again in “Blindspot” season 3 just as he did in season 2 where Shepherd was the main villain. He teases that another Big Bad eventually turns up while the FBI crack down the puzzles on Jane’s body. “Roman is obviously a bad guy, but maybe the person that these tattoos are going after also needs to be taken down," Gero teases.

Regardless, aside from the intense action and mind-bugling puzzles, season 3 of “Blindspot” does not sway away from the fun. Expect those Rich Dot Com episodes to bring a lighter side to the show.