We are only a few weeks away until the return of “blindspot” to NBC, yet we only know few details about the installment. We have questions that need answers, especially concerning that two-year time gap before the Season 2 finale. What happened to Jane and Weller during this time? A lot has changed amongst the team and fortunately, season 3 will explore the events prior to the time gap and more, according to Jaimie Alexander.

It will be a wild ride

Jaimie Alexander briefly talked about Season 3 of “Blindspot” in an interview with TV Line’s Michael Ausiello on the Emmy red carpet.

She teased that viewers will be in for a wild ride because what they’re doing in the new season is unbelievable. Fans will have to brace themselves for what happens. “Oh my God, you’re not going to believe what we are doing this year. I don’t believe it!” she said.

New characters

New people are coming in who “have a very heavy connection to Jane,” Alexander added. Of course, she will not remember them, which adds to the mystery factor in the show. The actress teased that these new characters may be important to the amnesiac Remi aka Jane since their identities will shock viewers.

More action and mystery

There will be more stunts in “Blindspot” Season 3 and more mysteries to crack coming from a new set of tattoos on Jane’s body.

We saw a preview of these marks in the Season 2 finale as bioluminescent tattoos. NBC shared another look at these markings in the promotional poster for Season 3 along with a new tagline, “A new body of clues. A new threat uncovered.” These mysterious tattoos will play a big part of the story. They will be the driving force of the new season.

Series creator Martin Gero previously said that it was always the plan to do another layer of tattoos, although there is a twist. These new puzzles on Jane’s body have ties to her old tattoos.

What happened in the 2-year time jump

Season 3 will explore the events that happened in the two-year time gap. We definitely need to know what prompted Jane to live as a hermit in the mountain.

According to Alexander, “there’s a lot of lies and secrets about where the people have been over the last two years.” Jane has a massive secret and so does Weller. Flashbacks will reveal what happened in those missing years and we might see more of Remi’s past in Season 3. This would explain why there are sightings of Alexander sporting long hair in Italy, where production took place.