Spoilers for the upcoming season 3 of “blindspot” reveal a series regular would unlikely return to the series. Michelle Hurd, playing the role of Ellen “Shepherd” Briggs, is reportedly not included in the early episodes of the new season. The new season would also feature the tattoo storytelling dynamic and the Weller-Jane relationship.

Will Shepherd return or not?

It seems that fans of the hit series would most likely see more twists in the upcoming Season 3 of “Blindspot.” The series would probably introduce a new character as one regular cast has been announced to not return in the new season.

In an interview with TVLine, showrunner Martin Gero revealed there is no plan to include Shepherd in the upcoming Season 3, just yet. The series creator confirmed they do not have a plan to bring back the adoptive mother of Jane Doe (played by Jaimie Alexander).

However, the showrunner also mentioned that they have not closed their doors to her yet. Gero teased the possibility of bringing the leader of the terrorist group, Sandstorm, back to the show once her schedule allows her to shoot for “Blindspot” again. He explained that the actress is definitely loaded with other projects.

The showrunner also justified that Hurd is an amazing actress and clarified they would also prioritize to include her again in the show as time permits.

The actress is reportedly back in “Lethal Weapon,” which is set to premiere this fall. She will play the role of Gina Santos, a police chief who has quite a history with Murtaugh (played by Damon Wayans).

What to expect in season 3?

In a previous interview with E!News, Alexander expressed her excitement for the upcoming Season 3.

The actress teased that they have “so much more to tell” through the new season and she extended her gratitude to the fans for making it possible.

In another interview with Collider, the series creator teased that they would return to the tattoo storytelling they have previously done in Season 1. He said fans would have missed this dynamic in Season 2 so they are bringing it back in the new season.

Gero also specified that some of the details in the tattoos point to the team, so fans could expect the show to explore those in the new season.

Furthermore, Gero teased that fans of the Jeller love team would be “very satiated with the first episode back.” He also detailed that the relationship would not start from square one when the series returns for Season 3.

Blindspot” season 3 is set to premiere on Oct. 27 on NBC. It has a new timeslot at 8:00 p.m.