Fans of the spin-off of "19 Kids and Counting," "Counting On," are incredibly worried as there has not yet been an announcement of a new season since the finale that aired on Monday night. During the finale, Joe Duggar and his new wife, Kendra Caldwell, tied the knot. However, fans are concerned due to the fact that there are several more life events headed the Duggars' way in the next few months, however there is no promise that the show will continue to be recorded. The Duggars themselves have stated that they have not had word on a renewal, but will let fans know as soon as they are able to talk about the state of the show.

Ratings are steady

One reason many shows get the ax is because ratings have been declining. However, this doesn't seem to be the case with "Counting On." Instead, ratings have actually slightly improved since the season premiere, in which Joy-Anna Duggar walked down the aisle with husband, Austin Forsyth. The premiere netted a total of 1.15 million viewers, while the second episode had 1.21 million viewers. However, according to the site Premiere Date, "Counting On" has never been as successful as its predecessor, "19 Kids and Counting." The website also suggests that perhaps viewers are bored of the same old storyline, as each child grows up, gets married and then has children of their own. They also suggest that the focus on Jessa and Jinger has been boring for viewers, however, this past season focused almost solely on Joy-Anna as she and Austin exchanged vows.

More life events in the works

While the future of "Counting On" hangs in the balance, there are still many Duggar life events, for TLC to use, to bring in ratings. Some viewers are puzzled that Jill Duggar Dillard's pregnancy and subsequent delivery of her son Samuel Scott was completely ignored, as births are often highly celebrated in the Duggar clan.

Joy-Anna Duggar is also expecting her first child with her husband, Austin Forsyth, which was also glossed over in the season finale. If the show is renewed, it is expected these events, as well as any more courtships and marriages, will be discussed at length on the show, but for now, viewers simply have to hope that the show will return.

If "Counting On" doesn't get renewed, it is likely fans will still keep up with the family through their various social media outlets. Most of the Duggar children create social media pages once they begin a courtship, so fans will be able to see their daily activities that way.