"Blindspot" has won another renewal despite continuously showing a massive fall in ratings during the previous season. Bunches of theories about the new installment quickly made the rounds on the internet feeds, shortly after the renewal was confirmed.

It seems as though the long wait is almost over for "blindspot" fanatics. According to TV Guide, the new season is reportedly set to hit the small screens once again this coming Friday, October 27, on NBC. The performance ratings of season 2 appeared to be quite shaky during its second half, so, the pressure to make well-improved ratings is all-in for the new season.

What's next for Jaimie Alexander's Jane Doe in season 3?

The past season finale was a major cliffhanger for the series protagonist, Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander), who apparently left Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and the FBI team without a valid basis as to why she decided to quit helping with the investigations.

A major time jump of two years took place in the last minute of season 2, wherein Jane can be seen living on a mountaintop with the monks after she left everything behind. Despite the subsequent drop in the ratings, the original plot of the drama series is engaging enough to create unique and interesting storylines in the long run.

There's a huge chance for "Blindspot" season 3 to earn good scores this time around as the cliffhanger from last season's finale looks pretty inviting.

It is not yet certain as to how the series showrunners will sustain the interest of the viewers with the plots they have sketched for this season, but, what's making it more thrilling is the possibility that Alexander and Stapleton's characters may come together for a new mission.

What we still need to know

Jane's glowing tattoo has brought a lot of questions about "Blindspot" season 3.

While it is not certain yet how the series creators will make the new chapter more inviting for the audiences, following a drought in the performance ratings last season, showrunner/executive producer Martin Gero recently dropped a few hints about what's coming next in the drama series.

Gero, 45, told TV Guide, "The show this year is a bit of a soft reboot, it's the characters you know and love but in a different context.

The first two minutes of the show are very un-Blindspot because it's juts pure joy... It feels like a giant breath of fresh air. And then of course bullets come flying through the windows. It gets back to Blindspot real quick."