Hey, "Blindspot" fans. We've got some great news for you guys. It turns out that NBC finally announced that it will be giving your favorite show a new season. You can expect to see new spoiler scoops, sneak peek clips, episode photos, cast interviews, and more arrive in the coming weeks and months.

Declining ratings

According to the news team over at Variety, this was definitely not an easy renewal situation. It was apparently on the bubble due to declining ratings during its second season. There was a tough negotiation process that took place over the licensing fee but it apparently got cleared up.

The people over at Deadline are reporting that the show's ratings decline started happening after its move to the Wednesday night 8pm time slot. During its first season, it actually got an early renewal. Despite the current season 2 ratings woes, its reported to be a reliable performer, and it has a nice, built-in fan base.

No other information

Deadline also reports that NBC didn't lose any money on the show, which is always a good thing. Currently, there's no information about how many episodes the new season will deliver. There's also no premiere date set yet. We expect to get all that important info sometime in June or July, so stay tuned for that.

Here's how the ratings panned out for the show's second season.

The premiere episode scored a 1.50 demographic rating for the 18-49 age group -- about 7 million viewers. There was a negative 51 percent change in the demos since the season one finale, and a negative 33 percent change in viewership. As mentioned before, these numbers have continued to dwindle even further throughout the course of this season.

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Only 3.9 million

The last episode, which aired on May 10th, scored an 0.83 demographic rating and brought in only 3.9 million viewers. That's a pretty big drop. However, that's been the pattern with most of these shows this year. Hopefully the show will be able to attract more viewers with the new season.

We weren't able to track down any new spoilers at the moment.

However, we do expect to see something pop up later this week. Actually, we could see something as soon as tomorrow if the press are able to land an interview with one of the showrunners. We'll certainly be looking for that.

Already had plans

Back in late March, Collider spoke with the show's producer, Martin Gero, and he indicated that they already had plans for season 3 in the works. He wouldn't give anything specific away. He just said that they had a three year plan mapped out before they pitched it to NBC, and that they've been working on storylines since January 2017. Maybe he'll have something more specific to give us later on this week.