Things are about to get different and pretty intense in the return of blindspotseason 3. Fans are about to see Special Agent Patterson (Ashley Johnson) being reunited to a surprising, familiar character after the two-year time jump.

Also, there are swirling rumors that Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller's (Sullivan Stapleton) relationship is about to continue and will be on a different level. It looks like the two will be officially a couple after their flirtatious meeting.

Jane, Weller’s relationship

After being flirtatious in the first season, Jane and Weller ended their unstable and hostile relationship in his bed in the show’s previous chapter.

With that, fans are now wondering what will happen with the two in “Blindspot” Season 3? Will they finally be together officially after being apart in the two-year time jump?

As rumors have it, TV Guide reported that Jane and Weller are going to live together in the coming new season. If not, they will be just comfortably hanging together in his apartment while he is making his breakfast while she looks cozy in her robe.

A surprising reunion

There are also hearsays that Special Agent Patterson is going to be reunited to an unexpected character in “Blindspot” Season 3.

It has been said that this person has a connection to her past that is trying to reconnect with her to rekindle a romance. But, the big question is if she will going to accept him once again to her life.

Also, some wonder who could it be?

Patterson has been linked to different male characters in the course of the crime drama’s two-season run. Unfortunately, none of her relationships lasted long. To recall, in the show’s first season, David (Joe Dinicol) tried to win her heart by helping her crack a code without knowing that he could get into a big trouble.

He, unfortunately, got killed and she had a hard time to move on from his death.

In an interview with Variety, the show’s executive producer Martin Gero revealed that David's death played a vital role in the television series' storyline. “It was an important reminder that these tattoos are extremely dangerous,” he said.

Aside from a returning romance, TV Line reported in June that the television series’ cast flew to Italy for the show’s production.

A fan spotted the 33-year-old actress and revealed that she would look different in the crime drama’s third season. Since there will be a two-year time jump, she now has long brown hair. In fact, the actress earlier revealed that she got hair extension to play her role.

“Blindspot” Season 3 will return on Oct. 27 on NBC.