The celebrity edition of “Big Brother” is coming together. The announcement came as a shock to fans, but it is a welcome surprise. There have been a lot of inquiries about who will be cast, and a few of names have been mentioned. “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition" will air this winter, but no exact date has been confirmed yet. Details are slowly emerging alongside the names of possible contestants. This is what we know so far about the celebrity edition and some of the rumors circulating.

Julie Chen takes a pay cut

This season will be shorter than a typical season of “Big Brother.” It was confirmed that julie chen will be the host as usual, but she had to take a pay cut.

The celebrity edition likely costs more than a normal season, which makes sense regarding the pay cut and the shortened time in the house. Chen mentioned that this had been talked about in the earlier days of “Big Brother,” but it fell apart before it could be brought to the public. Now a decade later, it is a reality.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the “Big Brother” house is going to get an overhaul as well. Things will look different this winter, but that's okay. Super fans are down for whatever CBS throws at them, including a condensed version of the show. The live feeds will be returning, which could prove to be the best asset for “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition.” Everything is going to be played the same, but it looks like it will be done without as much downtime in between the competitions.

Celebrity names being thrown away

One of the names that continuously circles around the mention of “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition” is Lance Bass. He seems to end up on all the weird reality shows. Joey Fatone has also been tossed around, but the money is on Lance entering the house ahead of his former band-mate. Kaitlyn Bristowe from “The Bachelorette” has been vocal about her desire to get in on the fun.

She is a fan of “Big Brother” and since she already knows her way around the reality television world, she may have a good shot at winning the game. Other names have been Tiffany Pollard (New York), Farrah Abraham, and Spencer Pratt.

Early 2018 is going to be fun for “Big Brother” fans. Once the cast is locked down, there will likely be an announcement similar to when the normal cast is announced. Fans are excited to see how this is going to go down and find out who will be brave enough to enter the house and play “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition.”