Farrah Abraham is arguably one of the most hated “Teen Mom” franchise stars. Her story was unique when she aired on “16 & Pregnant” because her child's father was killed while she was still pregnant. Abraham was chosen to participate in “Teen Mom” which has since been turned into “Teen Mom OG.” She took a break from the franchise but decided to return. She was met with some pushback from her co-stars, especially Maci Bookout.

What is Farrah Abraham doing now?

It is unclear whether or not Farrah Abraham is going to continue with “Teen Mom OG.” She has a very busy life, managing several of her own businesses.

While she isn't very popular with the fans or her co-stars, she has made herself a successful businesswoman. From sex toys to furniture, Abraham has her hands in almost everything. She recently announced her daughter, Sophia, would be pulled from traditional schooling and be allowed to homeschool. This decision caused an uproar among fans.

Aside from all of that, Farrah Abraham has been altering her appearance. She has had several boob jobs, nose job, fillers, and most recently, vaginal rejuvenation. Abraham wants to look her best and she believes that plastic surgery is the answer to that. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Farrah Abraham plans to have more surgeries in the future. She is open about it and loves to show off her new look.

Farrah wants butt implants and another boob job in the very near future.

Is Simon Saran still in the picture?

Things have been hot and cold between Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran. The two have been featured on “Teen Mom OG” for several seasons. Sometimes their relationship is great and other times, the two take some time apart.

Recently, Saran posted a photo of Abraham's backside in a pool. This was to signal the two were back together once again. Things between them are rocky, especially when it comes to Sophia. Simon isn't quite ready to settle down and Farrah is desperate for a ring from him. They aren't getting any younger and if he doesn't propose, Abraham will likely cut him off for good in the very near future.

The plastic surgery addiction is very worrisome where Farrah Abraham is considered. She has been having procedures for nearly a decade and each time, she wants more. At some point, she will become unrecognizable, and maybe she will even be featured on an episode of “Botched” if she isn't careful. For now, she is content with what she is doing.