Big Brother 19” is wrapping up, and things are getting tense. The Jury House got explosive on tonight's live episode. Raven Walton has been a controversial character since the beginning. She talked about her ailments and it seemed like every time you would tune into the live feeds, there was another sickness or illness she had. “Big Brother” viewers mocked her on every social media outlet and when she was voted out, the remaining houseguests were thankful.

Raven Walton gets trolled in the Jury House

When Raven arrived at the Jury House, she was definitely excited to tell everyone how much she accomplished in the game.

As the “Big Brother 19” jury members watched the clip, Walton proudly proclaimed that her alliance with Matt Clines and Paul Abrahamian. That is when the laughs erupted. Raven really thought that she was helping Paul run the house. In fact, she got incredibly defensive when the other houseguests told her about what was really happening. She was completely upset with Mark Jansen, and the curse words were flying.

This has raised a lot of questions on social media about Raven Walton and her stability. While she may have been joking, she really seemed to believe she was running the game with Paul Abrahamian. When Alex arrived at the house, she told the houseguests that Paul deserved to win, and Raven quickly agreed.

That is when the tense moment between her and Mark Jansen happened. The jury is unpredictable now with votes, but it appears that Raven will give her vote to Paul because she still believes he was on her side.

Raven and Paul have a connection

Rumors have been circulating that Raven Walton and Paul Abrahamian knew each other outside of the “Big Brother” game.

It didn't appear that way in the house, but it would explain her connection to him and the loyalty she is still holding for him. The idea that she will be voting for him to win the game isn't shocking, but it is infuriating to the houseguests as many of them are upset by the way he played the game.

Next week is the season finale of “Big Brother 19.” The final three will be playing the final HOH (Head of Household) competition over the next few days.

America's favorite player will also be crowned that night and right now, it looks like Cody Nickson and Kevin Schlehuber are the two in the running. At this point, Paul Abrahamian likely won't beat either choice he has. Taking Josh Martinez would be a risk, but Christmas Abbott would be riskier.