Ariana Grande has finally finished the last stint on her 2017 tour. The singer nearly quit her tour when a Suicide Bomber arrived at one of her concerts causing numerous deaths and casualties. Fortunately Ariana Grande was safe when the bomb was denoted however she has been left dealing with the trauma ever since.

She did not want to cancel her tour

According to the Daily Mail, Ariana Grande has finally opened up about the terror attack that happened at her concert earlier this year in 2017. The singer has released a statement saying that she knew she could not simply go home and quit the tour.

She claimed that after the message of the show was much too important for her to abandon. Grande claimed that it was not just she who wanted to return but the crew as well.

In a report by Digital Spy, Grande stated that dealing with the aftermath of the attack was one of the most difficult things she has ever had to do in her life. Grande claimed that she has never been through something as traumatic in her life. Grande stated that she is extremely grateful that she survived the attack and knew that she had to do something to give back to Manchester.

Ariana Grande has recently finished her "Dangerous Woman" tour. The singer revealed that she definitely made the right decision in continuing with the tour.

Grande to focus on health

According to Digital Spy, Ariana Grande has revealed that she is going to take some time to herself. The singer stated that she thinks she still has some things to deal with from the trauma of the bombing. She stated that she is going to be focusing on her health and getting it back to one hundred percent.

Grande also revealed that she wants to tackle the issue of misogyny. She claimed that it is a very important issue and that women in today's world are constantly being affected by it. The singer stated that she wants to support the idea of women supporting each other and is excited about beginning her work around the issue.

In a report by the Daily Mail, Ariana Grande claimed that she would not have made it through the remainder of her "Dangerous Woman" tour without the support of her fans.

She stated that their ongoing support meant everything to her and has expressed that she loves them very much.

Ariana Grande recently tweeted out about the incident in Las Vegas. The singer knows all too well about the struggles which come after such an event and has expressed her sorrow for those present at the time of the attack.