'Teen Mom 2' star Leah Messer has sparked rumors that she is pregnant with her fourth child after an Instagram photo that has fans convinced she is showing a baby bump. The reality TV star posted a photo of herself overhead with a flowing blouse, and several fans have stated that they can see a growing belly. However, the star has always been quite thin, so anytime she gains even a little bit of weight, it does look like she could be sporting a baby bump. The top she is wearing in the photo is also fairly flowy, so fans may be reaching for something that isn't actually there in hopes that there will be a new cast member on the show.

Who is the baby daddy?

If Leah Messer is pregnant, one of the big questions on everyone's mind would be who is the father. Leah has not been linked to anyone romantically for quite a while, though there have been rumors that she's dated a personal trainer named T.R. Dues. It was also rumored at one point that she had dated an aspiring model, who told the media that she broke up with him because she is still in love with her ex, Jeremy Calvert. While her other ex-husband, Corey Simms, insists that Leah was involved with T.R. Dues, Leah says that she hasn't really had a relationship since her split from Jeremy a couple of years ago. Jeremy has now moved on and is dating a woman named Brooke Wehr, whom his daughter absolutely loves.

Could Leah be pregnant?

Of course, the women of "Teen Mom 2" are full of surprises. Kailyn Lowry, a fellow cast mate, announced she was pregnant with her youngest son, Lux Russell, only a few months after her split with husband Javi Marroquin was made official. Fans were even more shocked with the mom-of-three admitted that the father wasn't Javi.

So while Leah is single on the surface, she could shock the fans by also announcing a totally surprising pregnancy. However, it isn't very likely that Leah is a mom-to-be. Already a mother-of-three, Leah has been focusing on herself for the past several months and has publicly stated she isn't looking for a man.

The star joined Tinder as part of her storyline for the show, but it seemed as though she was getting connected with duds.

However, it is possible that the mom-of-three did eventually strike gold and find her future baby daddy on the app, but knowing Leah Messer, it isn't likely. Instead, the "Teen Mom 2" star has been keeping herself busy with her lipstick business and doing public speaking, even though it may not be her best talent. #Celebrity