Fans of Ariana Grande were beyond shocked when the singer's online Account began to post racist and pro violent messages yesterday. It has since been confirmed that Grande's account was hacked into and the hacker left a series of obscene comments on the singers Twitter account. Grande has since reclaimed control of her account and has explained the situation to her fan base who were extremely relieved.

Grande's account was filled with messages from the hacker

According to Teen Vogue singer, Ariana Grande's Twitter account was hacked into recently and the hacker left obscene and questionable comments on the singer's account.

Messages, which were racist and pro violent in nature, were seen on Grande's account and fans were immediately taken a back.

Some of the messages even referred to the Manchester Bombing, which took place at an Ariana Grande concert earlier this year, and fans were shocked to see the inappropriate posts. However, Grande has since cleared up the confusion and has told fans that she was hacked.

The star posted a hilarious gif of Diane Keaton screaming and waving her hands around in panic and stated that her account was hacked. Grande praised the company for fixing the situation as quickly as they could and fans are now reassured that their favorite artist does not want to promote gangs or violence in any way.

The hacker told Nicki Minaj that she is next

According to NME, Nicki Minaj noticed that something was wrong with fellow artist Ariana Grande's account when obscene messages began to pop up. Minaj commented with a suspicious emoji underneath one of the comments and the hacker immediately turned their attention towards the celebrity.

The hacker commented back and told Minaj that she was going to be their next target. The celebrity's account has not yet been hacked but fans are fearful that their favorite artist will be next on the list of victims. Earlier this year celebrity Kylie Jenners Snapchat and Twitter account were hacked by an individual who claimed to have explicit pictures of the celebrity.

As yet, there has been no evidence that Nicki Minaj's account has been hacked but the hackers threat cannot be taken lightly. There has been no individual connected to this attack on Grande's account meaning that they are still out there and capable of targeting more celebrity accounts.

Ariana Grande has not made anymore comments about the hacking and fans are wondering if the hacker will move on to their next celebrity victim.