Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have remained tight-lipped about the reason that triggered them to call it quits. In August, the couple put an end to their marriage after eight years without giving further details to explain the separation. Therefore, a lot of speculation arose after the announcement was made.

Jennifer Lawrence was even dragged into the scene after Chris Pratt was accused of cheating on his wife with his "Passengers" co-star. The two actors have worked closely for the sci-fi film, where they displayed a good chemistry and connection.

Rumors surrounding Anna's split with Chris

As a result, some fans are blaming the "Hunger Games" alum for Chris Pratt's separation from his wife. Anna Faris, however, reassured that the split has nothing to do with the rumors involving her husband with another woman.

In her book, "Unqualified," Anna Faris has debunked rumors claiming that her estranged man cheated on their marriage. “I talked to Chris about how hurt I felt, even though I knew there was no truth to the stories," she said, as cited by Radar Online. "I didn’t want to pay attention to the stories but I couldn’t block them all out, either."

She admitted that the rumor has taken its toll on her and has made her feel insecure. The "Lost in Translation" actress also clarified that all is well between her and Jennifer Lawrence after the latter was dragged into the issue.

Anna Faris claimed the "Mother!" actress was apologetic although she knows the reports were baseless.

But despite the fact that the alleged romance between Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence was untrue, Anna Faris is still hurt and embarrassed when people accuse her former husband of cheating. "Even if it’s patently untrue. You still feel, and look, like a fool," she added.

Anna thanks Chris for taking part in her memoir

Meanwhile, the 40-year-old actress will finally launch "Unqualified" on Tuesday. It was revealed that Chris Pratt wrote the foreword for his ex-wife's memoir. Anna Faris even credited him for his participation and thought it was kind of him to take part in her book.

She said she has already given the actor a copy of the book ahead of its launch.

When asked about their relationship after the split, the actress reassured that there is no bad blood between them. “He’s amazing. We’re great friends and we always will be," she explained.

Anna Faris also agreed that it is important to maintain an amicable relationship with a former lover.