Nicole Kidman's newest project, "The Killing of a Sacred Deer," just hit the cinemas and many viewers are curious about her intimate scenes with her on-screen husband Colin Farrell. The two-time Primetime Emmy awardee admitted she felt safe with the co-actor the moment met him, which she said is always a good sign when working with other actors.

Since they are playing as a married couple, Nicole Kidman had to film several intimate scenes with Colin Farrell for the movie. She explained that this kind of scene is specifically important in relationships.

Hence, the 50-year-old actress has no problem in doing them for the horror-thriller film.

Behind Nicole and Colin's intimate scenes in 'The Killing of a Sacred Deer'

"As soon as I take myself out of the equation, it's just the storytelling," she added. "These particular scenes are very much needed for the relationship. They say so much."

Colin Farrell echoed the same sentiment and said filming for the scenes was "very much business" and part of the overall process to deliver the message of the story. "You're there to honor the characters that have been written by somebody else and whose voice you are now beginning to adapt to yourself," he continued.

Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman was asked how her husband, Keith Urban, reacted to her intimate scenes after watching the movie.

She said her partner was cool about it. "Keith saw it in Cannes, and he flipped out. He was completely entranced," she explained.

Nicole gushes about husband Keith

The couple has been together for over a decade since they tied the knot in Sydney back in 2006. They share two children, Faith Margaret (6) and Sunday Rose (9). For their 11th anniversary, the country crooner dedicated a short but sweet message to his wife.

"Happy anniversary, baby girl. Eleven years and you still feel like my girlfriend," he captioned the photo.

Nicole Kidman, on the other hand, revealed she had a huge crush on the singer even before they started dating. She also confessed that Keith Urban was not interested in her and did not respond to calls for four months.

Following that, the "Somebody Like You" artist has become her number one supporter and confidant.

In fact, the actress credited her husband for helping balance her emotions after filming some intense scenes in "Big Little Lies." She said her partner would comfort her whenever she feels upset and emotional after shooting. "Luckily I have a partner who is artistic so he understands what it takes to support that," she mused.