There has been anger, tension and upsetting moments for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie over the past couple of months. Right from the time they split, everything seemed to be out of control, the divorce, the custody battle, and the rage had made things worse. But it appears that things have taken a turn for the pair as they have decided to fix things for the sake of their children.

Recently Angelina Jolie feels that Pitt has been doing a great job in controlling his anger. She thinks that his therapy has shaped and changed him like the man he was once before.

Jolie was also happy to hear Brad Pitt speak out publicly and admitting that his alcohol drinking made him out of control.

Will the couple start dating again?

At this moment the children mean everything to both Jolie and Pitt and they would do anything for them and their future. They might not start dating anytime soon, but they are certainly rebuilding the friendship they had for so many years. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have respect for each other, and now they are finding a solution to be friends once more.

According to Hollywood Life, things seem to be going well for Pitt as his upcoming film "War Machine" has kept him busy filming. The 53-year-old actor is working things out with his 41-year-old ex-wife to make his children have a stable life.

There is no doubt that the "Mr & Mrs. Smith" actors will give all they got for the Kids.

Angelina Jolie identifies the old Brad Pitt again

The divorce had caused a lot of trouble for the couple, and there was a point when Jolie felt that she no longer wanted Pitt in her life. Now that he quit drinking alcohol she feels he is easy to talk too and he listens patiently, the good news is that they are already starting to have conversations like before.

Their respect is starting to grow from beginning, and they are planning to extend their friendship in the future.

Pitt has gone through the worst of his life when Jolie stopped him from meeting his kids, he has come a long way and the anger between both have subsided. Jolie and Pitt have both become reasonable, with a strong reason to come back they are slowly starting to get the ball rolling.

If everything works out well for the couple, they might even get back to each other again in future. It has brought happiness to their family once more especially for the children. On the other hand, things will continue as usual since the divorce proceedings are yet to be taken forward.