Would you make the ultimate sacrifice for Kai in “American Horror Story: Cult?” That’s what he wants to know in episode 9 “Drink the Kool Aid.” After removing one of the loudest members of the cult and losing one of his dearest followers, he’s forced to bring in new people. And they seem to be coming into the cult in droves.

It’s not just Kai we have to watch out for, though. Ally is now part of the cult and she’s not afraid of anything anymore. What’s her end game and will it involve taking down the patriarchy for herself?

Kai gathers his cult members around him

Part of Kai may be worried about losing some of his followers. Detectives Samuels, Meadow, and Harrison are now all dead. They’re definitely not coming back, but they were some of Kai’s most loyal members. Winter has managed to blame Samuels’ death on Beverly, so now she’s locked up in solitary confinement somewhere. Even Kai’s own brother Vincent attempted to turn against him.

Gathering the cult together isn’t that surprising. He will want to see who his most loyal members are. The best way to do that is to encourage them to make the ultimate sacrifice. He’ll want them to show their love by killing themselves. After all, that’s what most cult leaders want, right?

Well, maybe that’s just what the show wants us to believe. “American Horror Story: Cult” has already thrown us a few red herrings. How many people thought Vincent was the real leader of the cult the whole time? It turned out he had little idea about everything his little brother had been doing! This trailer could just be another red herring, making us fear for the lives of Ozzy, Ally, and more.

Which side is Ally on?

In the last episode, we learned that Ally had finally joined the cult. Many fans expected this to happen. For weeks she’s been traumatized by murderous clowns, but Kai has helped her overcome all her fears. She’s a stronger, more determined woman now than ever before. But is this good news for Kai?

All she seems to want right now is her son back, but there has to be something bigger in her motives.

She’s angry that Ivy played a part in all this. When she found out Winter was Vincent’s sister, she had a look that told us she was willing to murder for revenge. She even turned her back on Vincent after all those months of therapy, when he could have been the one to help her from a legal point of view. She wants something more than Ozzy and the cult is the only way to get it.

American Horror Story: Cult” continues on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. What do you think will happen in episode 9?