Are you ready for another episode of “American Horror Story: Cult?” Despite fans’ initial uncertainties, the season has definitely pulled back to some of the earlier feelings of the show. Its all been about betrayal, murder, and fear, and this week’s episode is no different. Frances Conroy returns to the show and it looks like she’s ready to make sure the men in the cult don’t survive.

Meanwhile, Beverly realizes that Kai may be a weak link in the cult. She wants to make sure that as a woman she isn’t going to be pushed aside again.

Fresh blood is needed

During the “American Horror Story: Cult” episode 7 trailer, Beverly tells Kai that they need fresh blood. Fans assume that Beverly means they need another member to bring into the cult. In the last two weeks, they’ve lost two members. One was Beverly’s camera man because he was the weak link and the other was Meadow after Kai convinced her to be the shooter at the rally.

Sure, they have instilled fear in the town, but there’s only so much you can do when you kill off your own cult members. They need more to make sure the clowns are everywhere at the same time. They need to make sure that they have all their bases covered, whether it’s having the police force inside or getting to know everyone’s fears easily.

Of course, Beverly may have been talking about fresh blood for killing. She may want to go on another killing spree to continue instilling fear in society. The last murder was made to look like a suicide, but wouldn't people look at it just the same?

Frances Conroy knows how to kill a man

Kai just wants Beverly to trust him, but she isn’t interested in that.

She fears that she will be pushed aside as a woman. It’s not that surprising. She’s constantly been pushed to the side in her career because of her gender and color. The use of Meadow in the cult will likely make her worry for her own safety and she will want the other women on her side too.

However, it looks like she’s going outside for some help.

Conroy is one of the only actresses to appear in almost all seasons of “American Horror Story.” The only one she missed was “Hotel.” Now she’s back, and she’s ready to help get rid of Kai and the patriarchy. At least, that’s what it seems like.

Just how long with Conroy’s character last? That’s unclear but probably not for long. To help keep the main cast small, the show has brought in characters only to kill them off within the same episode. This has happened twice so far, with Emma Roberts and Mare Willingham.

American Horror Story: Cult” continues on Tuesday, Oct. 17 at 10/9c on FX. Are you ready for another night of fear?