Since hearing that "American Horror Story" will take a political stance in Season 7, fans have shared their mixed reviews. While many had enough of the real-life horror in 2016, others are looking forward to seeing Ryan Murphy's take on it. What many have wanted to know is whether Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton will be portrayed in some way. It turns out that there are definitely plans in to include them, although Murphy hasn't really gone into the details of the season yet.

Could Sarah Paulson play Hilary Clinton?

Many fans took to social media when hearing about the election focus for "AHS" season 7 with the theory that Sarah Paulson would play the Democrat candidate Hilary Clinton.

Sure enough, Paulson and Evan Peters have both confirmed that they will appear in the latest season, but not what or who their characters will be just yet. Murphy says that Paulson -- his traditional finale girl -- will not take over the role of the iconic American party leader. However, Clinton will be portrayed, as will Trump.

'AHS' starts on election night

The 2016 U.S. Election was a horror story for many people -- on both sides of the camp. There were ups and downs, fears and rejections, and all-out lies being branded and shared. The election process highlighted some of the major problems of fake news and hoaxes spreading on social media, clouding the judgment of many voters. It also highlighted a flaw in the voting system, where the majority of the U.S.

people voted for the losing candidate. It makes sense with all that in mind that the season of "AHS" will kick-start with the night of the election, likely taking place at the two base camps as the horror unfolds.

Paulson and Peters will take on main roles in the newest season, but there is no confirmation of other actors or actresses as of yet.

Murphy is only just part way through writing the season and it is unclear whether the original plan to include some of the season 4 "Freak Show" characters is still going to happen. Only time will tell as more information is released about "AHS" season 7.