While many husbands would love the idea of their wives getting along with their mothers, that’s certainly not always the case. Well, it’s definitely not the case for Leonard. In the promo for “The Big Bang Theory” season 11, episode 4, he makes it very clear that he married Penny partially to annoy his mother. The two have no interests in common at all, except for Leonard. There should be nothing to bond over.

While that happens, Sheldon and Raj are helping Howard clear out his garage. Of course, they find rocket ships to bond over, but it’s not all fun and rainbows.

Howard clears out his garage

It’s all about the parents this week. Howard is clearing out his garage, although it looks like he may actually be looking for some baby things. For those who don’t remember, Bernadette and Howard are expecting their second baby due to Melissa Rauch’s real-life pregnancy.

While clearing, they find a range of rockets that Howard built as a kid. Sheldon can’t help but point out all the ones he had, until he comes across a replica of Saturn 5. This is when Howard’s father comes up in the conversation: Howard’s dad bought it before he left the house.

The conversation does bring up some big questions. Will we see more of Howard’s half-brother again this season? Will Howard ever find out why his dad really left?

Is this a little foreshadowing after just focusing on the half-brother for a couple of episodes last season?

Leonard learns about Penny’s friendship with his mother

The second “The Big Bang Theory” season 11 sneak peek of the week is all about Penny and Leonard. Leonard decides to text his wife from across the living room, rather than just ask her for mustard.

When a second text comes in, Penny is initially irate but then realizes that it’s just her mother-in-law. Penny clearly isn’t that bothered by the text, making Leonard extremely worried.

What could the two have to talk about? It’s even worse for him when he learns that Penny and his mother have been texting each other for a while.

What he doesn’t know is what the promo for the episode shows. Leonard’s mother doesn’t have many girlfriends and she turns to Penny to fill that void. Will this become the relationship of the year?

There isn’t much of Bernadette and Amy just yet. Last week they were arguing over who had the better bragging rights, so what will the pair get up to this week?

The Big Bang Theoryseason 11 continues on Monday at 8/7c on CBS. What are you most looking forward to in the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.